Russian Blue Special Show and Breed BIS on Saturday (

Cornish Rex Breed BIS on Sunday

Show is Drive In show, more information in Show info. All breeds and classes on both days.

Show venue: Vermo Horse Race track, Valjakkotie, 02600 Espoo, Finland

Open for visitors: 11 – 16
Veterinary check: Saturday 10-12:30, Sunday 9:30-11
Judging begins at 11 on Saturday and 10:30 on Sunday

The veterinary examination is done by random checks. Vaccination certificates must be presented. Vaccinations required against feline panleukopenia, herpes and calici . Rabies vaccination can be taken no later than 21 days before the import date, other vaccinations must be taken no later than 15 days before the show. White cats must have a hearing certificate. All FIFé and Kissaliitto national rules apply.

Confirmed judges:
Mats Askett    1, 2
Marcin Biernaczyk    2 – 4
Jörgen Billing    1 – 4
Yan Roca Folch 1 – 4
Vladimir Isakov   1 – 4
Tellervo Kass    1, 2
Boris Lupan 1 – 4C
Arja Martikainen    3, 4
Sara Ojaniemi    3, 4
Petra Cerna 1, 3, 4

We reserve the right to changes 


Entries preferably through Omakissa ( Instructions for using Omakissa:

Entries can also be sent through your local club by 13.3.2020 to Show Secretary Please fill out a separate entry form for each cat and each day. Corrections and changes only to the address above. Entries are binding.

Show fees

Entries paid latest at 31.1.2020:  35 €/cat/day, ERY-Syd members 33 €/cat/day
Entries paid after 1.2.2020: 40 €/cat/day, ERY-Syd members 38 €/cat/day

On Saturday an additional 2 € discount per cat (RUS) for members of Suomen Venäjänsiniset ry

Control and veteran classes 10 €/cat/day for the cats entering also to any normal class, otherwise normal show fees apply.

The show catalogue 5 €. An online catalogue is available for free and it is published on the day of the show.

Entry fees can be paid to ERY-SYD account OP Bank, IBAN FI85 5789 2320 0712 20, SWIFT OKOYFIHH. Foreign exhibitors may also pay their entry fee in Euros on arrival. Please note that an extra 10 € charge will be added for entry fees paid upon entrance.

Rosettes will be given for free to all cats in classes 11 and 12 and to all cats receiving BIV or NOM. All other rosettes can be bought for 4 €.

Stewards Applications to The stewards will receive lunch and a fee of 30 EUR.
Sales stand reservations Viivi Viuha,
Additional information:
Show info,
Show manager Viivi Viuha,, tel +358 40 338 0107
Show secretary Tarja Kudjoi,, tel. +358 40 741 4003


Special Offer for all exhibitors
GLO Hotel Sello  (****)
Single room – 90 €/night
Double room – 100 €/night
Cat fee 15 €/night