The show venue is Vermo horse race track and the visiting address is Majurikuja, 02600 Espoo.

When arriving by train the nearest stations are Mäkkylä (1.2 km) and Leppävaara (1.9 km). There’s a taxi stand next to the Leppävaara train station. The nearest bus stop is the Tarvaspääntie bus stop (0.9 km).

When arriving by car, just follow VERMO or VERMO RAVIRATA signs. There is plenty of parking space next to the show hall. Please note that there’s a flea market at the car park on Sunday. For this reason, an additional parking area is reserved for the show exhibitors on the left side of the building.

Veterinary inspection and check in

Veterinary inspections are done randomly.  The check-in is on Saturday from 10:00 to 12:30 and on Sunday from 9:30 to 11:00. All cats must arrive at the latest at the end of the check-in. Cats registered already on Saturday may arrive later on Sunday according to cat’s judging schedule.

Show venue facilities

Most of the cages are on the entrance floor.  The judging area is located at the betting hall on the second floor. Please note that it’s on owner’s responsibility to make sure that all show cages are tagged with cat’s catalogue number. The number tags can be found from the table after the check in area.

Exhibitors with reduced mobility can access both floors from outside. There is toilet for the disabled on the second floor.

The cafeteria on the second floor is open on both days.

Cageless Best in Show panel

The panel is cageless, meaning that the owner must bring the cat to the designated area from where the assistant retrieves the cat directly from the owner. To ensure a smooth panel, we ask the owners to follow the judging and to make sure the cat is there at the right time.

Drive-In show in a nutshell

The show is basically a normal show with normal classes. Judging and reports are given out normally as well as BIV, NOM and Best In Show. Unlike in traditional shows, the cat does not have to be at the show all day. Each breed and group is given an estimated time for judging, and it is crucial that the cat is present, through the veterinary inspection, prior to that time.

The cat does not have to stay until the end of the show, but it can leave the show hall after the competition for the cat is over for the day. The exhibitor is responsible for following the judging and needs to make sure that the cat is present at the beginning of the cat’s class. Cats that are not present or come in late do not get results.

After judging, the secretariat will process the reports in the normal way. Reports and diplomas are delivered to the rosette table, from where they can be picked up. When a cat’s judging is finished, the cat can leave if it does not continue to nominations or panel. The club will not mail the left-behind papers; exhibitors are responsible for picking up their own diplomas. After the normal classes the show will continue to nominations and Best In Show.

Berner Annika
EMS Time
CAT 2 Control class 11:00
EXO n 24, ns 22 62, ns 24 62 11:05
PER n 03 11:20
RAG n, a 11:25
RAG n 21, n 03, n 04, a 03 12:15
SBI a, b, j 13:20
SBI a 21, b 21 13:50
1 BIS NOM 14:10
VET 1 14:30
VET 2 14:40
Centamore Manuela
EMS Time
BEN 11:00
BSH a 11:30
BSH f, d 24, ny 25, ay 11 12:05
BUR a, b, c, d 12:30
EUR n 22, f 24, g 22, g 23 13:20
OCI bs 24 13:45
3 BIS NOM 14:10
Hoffner Elin, oppilas Susanna Piispanen
EMS Time
SPH V 11:00
SOM o, os 11:30
RUS 11:45
GRX 12:50
DRX VII, IX 12:55
CRX III 13:10
ABY n 13:15
4 BIS NOM 14.00
Hämäläinen Satu
EMS Time
CAT 2 Controll class 11:00
VET 4 11:05
HCL 11:30
SPH I, II, III 11:50
SIA 12:10
OSH b, f, j, a 24 12:40
DRX V 13:00
CRX I, II, V, VII 13:15
ABY p 14:10
4 BIS NOM 14:15
Kass Tellervo
EMS Time
MCO III , IV 11:00
MCO VI , VIII 11:50
NEM I 13:00
NFO VI , VIII , IX 13:20
SIB III , IV , VI 14:00
2 BIS NOM 14:25
Komissarova Olga
EMS Time
ACL 11:00
LPL 11:05
MCO V , VII, IX 11:10
NEM II 12:05
NFO I , II, III, IV, VII 12:15
SIB V , VII, IX 12:50
TUA 13:10
2 BIS NOM 13:15
EXO n 22 13:30
PER n 03 24, a 03 23 13:35
RAG n 03 21 13:45
SBI n, e, g 13:55
SBI h, n 21 14:25
1 BIS NOM 14:40
Koskenkangas Marjatta
EMS Time
ABY o 11:00
BAL 11:10
CRX VI , VIII 11:20
DRX I , III 11:55
OLH 12:10
OSH b 24, c 24, d 24 12:20
SOM n 12:45
SPH IV 13:00
4 BIS NOM 13:05
EXO n 03 24 13:25
PER f 13:30
RAG a 04 13:35
RAG f 03, n 04 21, a 04 21 14:05
SBI c 14:25
BIS NOM 14:30